Savvy is a sales, marketing and promotional company, specialising in the human commercial. We are experts in face to face promotions, telemarketing and digital marketing, working for clients throughout New Zealand.

We are a national sales, marketing and promotions company, running since 2004. We are a rapidly growing team of outgoing, fun and focused ‘Savvies’. Working on behalf of you (our client), we design and implement tailored marketing solutions. Through our personalised campaigns, we’ll make sure your business increases its profitability and brand awareness.

We have an unbelievable track record when it comes to raising funds: in the last 4 years alone our ‘Savvies’ have raised over $64 million on behalf of our clients, so it won’t surprise you when we say that we can DOUBLE your business’ client-base within a few short weeks.


We have a Call Centre set up and ready for business leads to start flooding in.

Business to Business

Our B2B Team are always keen for a new solution to sell to business’ anywhere.

Face to Face

Send our Face to Face team out in any weather and we’ll deliver you the results you want to see.

Digital Marketing

Savvy offers multi-channel marketing solutions for your business or organisation. We have been operating since 2004, with a rapidly growing team of outgoing, fun and focused ‘Savvies’. Working on behalf of you, we design and implement tailored marketing solutions resulting in increased business profitability and brand awareness.

We have specialist knowledge and expertise across digital media, website development, and strategy to partner with our clients to unlock the commercial opportunities across all aspects of digital marketing: content, e-commerce, inbound, SEO, programmatic and social media.

So why use Digital Marketing?… Digital marketing, sometimes referred to as online marketing, is one of the fastest-growing, marketing channels around the world. It involves any communication online that is targeted to an intended audience. Digital marketing is highly measurable, highly targeted and is one of today’s most effective ways of communicating to prospective and existing customer bases.


Our Marketing Platforms:

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